25 Killer Combo Looks of Hairstyles with Eyeglasses

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We all spend time to have some fun with our looks, and the hairstyles are those we try with variations to feel new by hairstyles that suit based on face shapes. At last, all these hairstyles that you try are to match your clothing, occasion, or profession. Which really states your style and personality.

But if you are a person who is subjected to wear or love eye-wear, most of them don’t consider haircuts with there eye-wear which really spoils there look. Because if you wear glasses all day, your face becomes the focal point. So why not “Great Hairstyle With Great Eye-wear“, as fashion and style are limited today’s world.

Especially men haircuts are subjected to wide-range of scope, that is uplift your personality by eye-wear. Every hairstyle that suits you depends upon your hair texture and your face shape, So as every eye-wear depends on your hair color, hairstyles, face shape. Hence here are, 25 killer combo looks of hairstyles with glasses.

1. Blond Comb Over with Square Bold frames

blond comb over

If you are having short at sides and medium hair at the top, it the features of your face muscles like cheekbones, jawline. Now by wearing medium size glasses which has an angular tone like “Square frames” showcases your face more confident and professional.

2. Center Part For Long Layered Hair with Small Round Bold frames

centre part long layered hair

Everyone loves long hair, but only a few loves to have it. In that center part, long layered hair is a never-ending classic. Now by this long layer hair, your facial features get less attention, So by wearing bold stuff like these “Small round frames” which brings attention around your eyes and upgrades your look to the next level.

3. Classic Side Part with Oval frames

classic side part

Men always have a magical connection with the side part of short hair. This haircut gives an illusion of a professional attitude. by wearing light glasses of something curvy “Oval-shaped frames” makes you classy and rich looking compared to others.

4.Side Comb Over with Wayfarer

side comb over

As I already said “Side come over” is a classic, but when going for a wayfarer its makes you look casual but still never leaves the intensity of yours.

5. Curly surfers Hair with Wayfarer

Who doesn’t love surfers’ hair, basically it been an iconic hairstyle of Mr.cool kind of personalities for years. This is taken to another level by “wayfarers glasses”, which portrays that mysterious cool attitude and adds more depth to your face.

6. Fringed Texture Of Skin Fade with Round glasses

fringed texture with skin fade

Its fun where there is no order and fringe with skin fade is of that order. Its been a trademark of attraction, so to look sharper go for round glasses which adds a sense of innocence to your look.

7. Hair Bun with Geometric frames

hair bun 2

The man bun is something great, and I’m very in love with its past as we can have transformation by loosening it. But the funda is by having medium or, big size frames makes more attractive. for me, “Geometric frames or Aviators” adds more depth and showcase you more manly.

8. Ivy League with Oval Bold frames

ivy league

This is the most appreciated hairstyle by many people as it requires less time in front of the mirror and of low maintenance. You can use these formal and informal occasions in style. as its a sign of simplicity, I suggest going for bold “Oval frames” as it gives that bold by putting you simply awesome.

9. Long Blond Swept Back with Rectangular frames

long blond swept back

This is a hair cut of medium length which is swept all back by a comb that builds a fresh look of your personality. This shown more seriously and calm by “Rectangular frames”

10. Long Hair Tucked Behind Ears with Bold Wayfarer

long hair tukked behind ears

As already said long hair has a special status which always puts you on the spotlight and hair tucked behind your ears gives a formal look. Now to look more attractive in that you should bold frames to enhance the sharpness, like bold “Wayfarer”.

11. Long Quiff Hair with Square Light frames

long quiff hair

A long quiff hairstyle is something versatile its nature as you transform it into a pompadour look by combing backward with some texture in it.

12. Messy Fringe with Aviators

messy fringe

Fringe is a hairstyle that is casual and comfortable as it requires low to maintain and uber-cool in style. So as usual big sized or medium-sized frames should be used for this for highlighting facial features, I suggest “Aviators or Geometric glasses”.

13. Messy Short Fringe with Square frames

messy short hair

Now when you have a short messy fringe haircut its obvious people are attracted to your hair. now it becomes so difficult to grab attention towards your face. Now by having square frames adds detailing and intense features to your face which neither big or circular frames don’t provide.

14. Parted Fringe with Round glasses

parted fringe

The “Parted fringe” has been the game-changer for many years and also will be weather it may be side or middle partitions. Now it’s easy to enhance your parted fringe by medium or smaller frames like “Round glasses”.

15. Pompadour with Bold Wayfarer


If you are a fan of pompadour then you should also be a great fan of medium and bigger frames. It’s an ultimate combo, where the big glasses attract others look towards your hair top, and for that what’s better than having the classic “Wayfarer”..!

16. Side Fade Spiky Hair with Aviators

side fade spiky hair

The spiky hairstyles were and will be the hottest forever. but you need to understand that medium-size glasses would take a step ahead by giving that hot look. I suggest “Aviators or Wayfarers”.

17. Side Part Quiff with Round glasses

side part quiff

This makes a man cute and manly at the same time. By having you have great attention towards your face. now by having a bigger size or angular frames would disturb the symmetry. I prefer to go for “Round or Geometric frames”

18. Side Parted Wavy Hair with Browline glasses

side part wavy hair

This is a hairstyle that takes you back to a timeless look, which has short hair at sides long curly hair on top that provides a classy, rugged decent look.

So you can say everything, this is so versatile. to compliment it or to look sharper you have no option than “Browline Glasses” of medium-sized as it gives a royal vintage and trendy look.

19. Sleek Back With Beard with Oval glasses

sleak back and beard

This is what I feel so tricky, as it gives bore an intense and bold look by highlighting your beard. But this is tricky because it is seen by thick hair and thick hair needs products to maintain it in a place like gel, hairspray.

So having that bold look you need to balance it by choosing small like these “Oval frames”.

20. Slicked Back Of Disconnected Undercut with Rectangular frames


This is an adventure hairstyle that adds volume and contrast more than any undercut. Here the sides and back are small with lengthy top hair that is slicked or come back. Now for this “Rectangular glasses” add more sharpness to the look.

21. Brush Up Spiky Hair with Oval glasses

spiky brush up hair

Spiky hair brushed up is all time look. now the short sides with medium height on top brushed up gives a great volume to hair.

This always in trend by many athletes, rappers, and many. But I feel the best way to take it ahead is by a small simple move of small frames like “Oval-shaped glasses” So that you can be simple and fashionable.

22. Swept-Back Long Hair with Wayfarer

swept back long hair for big forehead

Hair of medium length is always fun to have, as you tend to play with the bouncy hair. It’s always so versatile that you can comb sideways and backward. Now is there any option that puts you look on fire neither than “Wayfarer”.

23. Textured Bowl Hair with Oval frames

textured bowl crop

Previously Bowl hair was done by dealing with poverty by having a haircut with help of bowl and was trolled for years. But now things got changed, the textured bowl cut version plus undercut has become a fashion that will never end. and this bowl cut gives a cute, classy, and adventurous look on “Oval frame”.

24. Disconnected Undercut with Rectangular frames

undercut dissconnected

The hair on the top is disconnected from the sides giving a clearly defined point of your hair partition. Now in this smaller frame of “Rectangular or Square shaped frames” gives more grace to your haircut and face.

25. Undercut with Browline glasses


Nowadays out of ten seven people are having or trying undercuts. Especially this is more comfortable for many as it doesn’t involve any maintenance, this is so much useful in summer. To make your look classy by trying ahead go for “Browline glasses”


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