All You Need to Know About Choosing Right Frames for Your Face

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I seriously used to hate glasses, literally hate it. As I’m prescribed to wear one, but still I did everything not wear them until I got one that suits me. Then I got to understand that it’s about the right frame that’s fit and today we are just doing it.

Now shades or glasses act a protective shield from the sun UV rays, adds confidence, and rises your outfit to an unheard-of level and also can make you low if it doesn’t have any quality and suits you. So let me be your fashion advisor in this.

Now understanding your alternatives helps you to select the best sunglasses that suit your face shape.

Selecting Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

Rectangular Face


Rectangular faces have a deeper forehead, long nose, and stronger jawline.

Now if you are having this you have to soften your face the go for a thinner frame and you can also go for super sleek and masculine frames avoiding too heavy on eyes which are basically of softer structure.

Use Wayfarer, Geometric, Oval, Round, Browline frames for your Rectangle face shape that gives a great look.


Round Face


Rounder faces look fairly short with the wider forehead, full cheeks, rounded chin with a soft jawline.

Now with this face shape, we need to add angle and structure to give a perfect look, now you go bold by textured frames avoiding round and oversized frames.

Use Rectangular and Square shaped frames by avoiding Round and Oval-shaped frames which reduce the depth of face. And also you can go for Aviators.


Square Face


The square face has a width and length that is proportionate, and you’ve got a broad forehead and a strong jawline.

To create a little more length in the face and to offset your strong features, go for narrower styles that are still angular in shape to complement your face.

Use Wayfarer, Oval, Round, Browline frames for your Square face shape that gives a great look.

Diamond Face

The diamond face has a wider forehead and hairline balanced on the opposite end by a narrow and sometimes pointy chin. The cheekbones are the widest point which tends to be prominent.

There are a lot of options for this face shape that has both angular and curvy features.

Use Square shaped, Wayfarer, Aviators, Geometric, Round frames for your Diamond face shape that gives great look.

Heart Face


The heart-shaped faces will be widest at the forehead, gently narrowing down towards the chin with soft features.

Now it’s all about balance, use softer and rounder glasses which softens across cheekbones detailing at the top of frames.

Use Rectangle-shaped, Geometric, Aviators frames for your Heart face shape that gives a great look.


Rhombus Face


The rhombus face is the same as the diamond face but the only difference is the rhombus face has a narrow forehead compared to diamond face shape.

For this there are few options to choose as it’s a rare face shape, you can go for round glasses than structured or angular frames.

Use Aviators, Round, Oval frames for your Rhombus face shape that gives a great look.

Triangular or Pear Face


Triangular or Pear face will be widest at the jaw, narrowing up to the forehead.

You have to add a little width to this narrower part of your face, so go for strong brow lines or cat-eye shapes to really emphasize your eyes.

Use Rectangular, Browline, Oval, Geometric shaped frames, and aviators for your Triangular face shape that gives a great look.

Oval Face


People with an oval face have a softly rounded forehead and chin, with fairly balanced proportions. Lucky for you, almost all frame shapes will suit you.

Go for styles that are a little wider than the widest part of your face.

Use Square and Rectangle-shaped, Wayfarer, Browline, Geometric, Aviators, Round, Oval frames which means every kind, for your Oval face shape that gives great look.



Frame Colors Based on Your Hair Color

Determination of frames is also done by hair color in addition to skin tone which adds a compliment in daily usage. And this is a good practice of trying colors of your frame that compliments with your hair.

Blonde Hair

blone hair

Here are few recommendations to blonde hair that have honey and bronze tones or
Cool blondes have ashy undertones and lean toward the platinum end of the spectrum.

Brown Hair

brown hair

Now in this, there are lighter and thick shades with ash undertones and red tones. Here are a few suggestions that suit you.

Red Hair

red hair

Excluding skin tone, the red hair has a great inherent vibrance which makes you ideal partner for strong frame colors.

Black Hair

black hair

Independent of skin tone or contrast, here are few saturated hues that make look the best.

Grey Hair

grey hair

Basically, we in general, feel vibrant colors add great contrast but grey hair provides the chance to wear clean and bright colors.

Select Frame Color By Your Skin Tone

Now just as picking clothes based on skin tone for a better look the same applies to choose colors of frames by skin tone which really compliments your looks.

Now to determine your skin tone you have to check inside of your forearm under sunlight because the LED lights posses different temperature and cheat your color perception.

Cool Skin Tone

Cool-toned men have reddish, pinkish, or bluish casts to their skin.

To identify easily cool skin toned guys have blue veins instead of green eyes, and blue, green, or grey eyes. Most rosy-cheeked people are cool-toned.

cool skin tone

Neutral Skin Tone

If you have a mix of cool and warm skin tone features you are considered to have a neutral skin tone and you can wear either set of frames.


Warm Skin Tone

Warm-toned guys have golden, peachy, or greenish casts to their complexion. Mirroring that in your choice of frame is a wise decision.

warm skin tone

Highlight Your Frames By Your Eyes

Consideration of face shape, skin tone, and hair color is crucial for choosing the best glasses. But eye color is also a factor that adds beauty and provides a complement to your attire which unfortunately is overlooked.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes leave the wearer a lot of room for creativity. While most people with brown eyes choose warm, earthy colors to complement their eye color.

There is also room for creativity with brown eyes. Warm tones like sepia or brandy compliment brown eyes.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes pair best with blue and grey glasses. When choosing glasses to accentuate blue colors in your eyes, go for blue shades.

Muted tortoise, tan, or brindle frames draw attention to brighter blue irises.

Green Eyes

People with green eyes should go in unusual colors. Glasses that complement green eyes come in warm earth or gold tones, like caramel or tortoise.

But those looking for a more eccentric accessory might want to opt for brighter colors.

Grey Eyes

It’s very fun to choose glasses for grey eyes, as it’s so rare to see. Rich colors such as true black, midnight blue, deep purple, and burgundy make grey eyes stand out in the crowd.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes include green, brown, and gold colors, and hazel is one of the most unusual eye colors. The presence of gold undertones in the irises.

To draw out the gold flecks in your hazel eyes, try frames in gold or caramel colors. And the colors which are close to earth like green, brown and muted tans.


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