What is the French Tuck?

A French Tuck is when you simply tuck your middle part of the shirt into your pants and skirt leaving the rest of the shirt loosely behind.  It makes you look taller and lean.

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This kind of tucking is existing from ages but as a show called queer eye was released last year in Netflix it introduced the term French tuck and it actually became a thing. People were crazy about it and also created a hashtag #frenchtuck.

How To French Tuck Shirt?

  1. Its simple and anyone can do it.
  2. It is just the art of tucking front middle part inside the pant/skirt.
  3. But do not tuck in the sides it is an important aspect. As the art is in leaving the rest of the shirt loosely and it gives you a flattering look.
  4. Preferably it is done with an oversized shirt/t-shirt to make you look little taller/lean and dapper look.
  5. The technique will slim you down, lengthen your legs but also hide your hips.

French tuck and Tan France go hand in hand and this kind if half-tuck is now everywhere. As the Instagram tag #frenchtuck has blossomed dudes actually are wanting to wear and show off their new fashion tip.


Men are rocking this Queer Eye–approved fashion tip completely with a t-shirt or a printed or plain shirt with rolled sleeves over jeans/chinos/pants/joggers. they complement the look with white sneakers or appropriate footwear.

Queer eye’s France says that his signature style can make a guy look more balanced, and, tucking in a shirt at the front can give you a more defined waist than leaving it untucked.

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Men find it a little difficult when they tuck the shirt all in.

On any causal day when they dress up fully with the shirt tucked in completely and then when they have to lift their arms up to help someone to lift stuff or to cheer your favourite teams match or just pull hair back then the shirt comes out and it obviously messes your look and also your mood so french tuck might actually help you for dressing casually.

Tucking your shirt all in when dressing very casually, can feel fussy or dressed up.

But the French tuck is suitable for any casual day..be it a movie date, lunch, meeting your friends or just a random day out you can use this tip and be a little different than usual and can show off your styling qualities in front of your friends.


  • Women can slay any style. Be it french tuck, half-tuck, etc you name it they already would have tried it with their own styling abilities.
  • As mentioned above this style gives your body a different shape so try this style with oversize t-shirts and shirts over leather pants and black boots it gives you complete the different stylish elegant look.
  • A french tuck with sweatshirt and skirt with high heels gives you an amazing look. With this look, you can slay both professional and casual look.
  • when trying this style lookout for colours as they compliment each other.
  • For a professional look wears any plain loose shirt and tuck it in the middle and pair it with a black/blue suit.
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