How To Dress For Your Body Type [Mens Guide]

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Oval kind of guy or triangular kind of guy. In the end who cares but what does matters is how your clothes fit you.

Fit is the number one principle that comes to improve your look by knowing how is your fit and knowing what’s good for you is extremely important for looking good.

men body shapes

So I am going to break this for you. See your body falls in any one of these body shapes by which you dress up.

This makes it interesting as I am taking you to school days by representing them in shapes.

1. Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

This body type has the upper part of the body looks bigger than the lower part. See obviously you love to train your body of the shoulder, back, chest arms. But by this body its all about balancing how to look at the upper body takes the whole attraction, so it is very important to break the attention for lower as strong.


  • By mix wear of dark colors on top and light-colored shades at the bottom makes a balance as dark colors show small and light colors show huge.
  • Wear a belt break up your outfits. Which is gonna do is draw down the attention down towards the hips which will take the attention from your upper body
  • Double-breasted jackets are also something to consider because its gonna widen your torso and gives lots of detailing gone at the mid area of the body so this gonna draw the attention down.
  • By wearing v-neck t-shirts and jumpers helps to draw the attention down which helps in proportioning.


  • Don’t wear skinny jeans as it shows and highlights the obvious imbalance of the body.
  • Don’t wear jackets, suits of extreme extra shoulder padding. Maybe untextured or relaxed is going to good as it draws less attention to the upper body by showing small.
  • Any kind of detail, especially around the shoulders will focus attention on your wide frame and throw your body out of proportion.

body builder skinny jeansshoulder divotsJumper Jacket

2. Rectangular Shaped Body:

The torso takes the shape of a rectangle, with little difference between the width of his chest/shoulders and the width of his waist/hips.   

It is we go totally opposite to the inverted triangle shape as shown he block-shaped body wider.


  • Wearing patterns of horizontal stripes shows you heavy as the horizontal lines expand your vision, which makes you wider in look.
  • Wearing jackets with extreme extra shoulder padding which makes shoulders broad and shows heavy.
  • Adding clothing is the easiest way to add bulk to your body. Shirts, knitwear and scarves can be used to widen the chest and shoulders while narrowing your lower torso.


  • Don’t wear double-breasted jackets as it grabs total attention from the shoulders to the bottom torso.

double brested jacket

3. Triangular Shape Body:

Most men are predisposed to being larger around the waist and hips in relation to the top part of their bodies, especially as they get older. This creates a natural triangular shape with the base at the waist and the tip at the face.

Now being in triangular shape the point of attraction in the body is belly and hips.


  • By wearing vertical stripes is really gonna draw the attention upwards and creates a balance in dressing.
  •  Wearing horizontal stripes on the upper torso as I said makes the shoulders wider and grab the attention rather on the belly area.
  • Wearing jackets with extreme extra shoulder padding which makes shoulders broad and shows heavy. By wearing brighten colors on upper halves gonna on chest gonna draw the attention. By also detailing your clothing on upper halves gonna give the same effect. You can also go with slim fits at bottom halves with colors like dark grey, navy blue, black which make you look slimmer effect that want to hide.

loose vertical stripessingle-strip-tshirtt shirt bright


  • Don’t wear Rolex and turtleneck and also polo shirts because its gonna slenderize your shoulder area which exposes your oval shape of belly area also don’t wear horizontal stripes at bottom torso which also serves the same.
  • Don’t wear heavily tapered trouser as the heavily tapered area is going to widen the central part of the body.turtle-neckhigh-tappered-pants-on-fat-thighs

4. Oval Shaped Body:

 In this the majority of your mass is concentrated at the centre of your body, making your arms, shoulders, and legs look disproportionately slim. To make your body appear more defined, you must add shape to your shoulders and wear clothing that appears to lengthen your torso. Beware of anything that shortens you in any way.


  • Vertical stripes and pinstripes will instantly lengthen your body, but horizontal stripes will make you appear rounder.
  • Any kind of statement belt will attract attention to your waist and highlight your widest point. A printed or textured piece in a darker hue a better way to add flattering interest to an outfit.
  • Be sure that your sleeves and trousers are the correct length and fit well. They should add shape and definition to your body without making your limbs appear shorter.

printed tshirt oval shape men


  • Don’t wear boots, even though its a sign masculinity it makes your leg length short.
  • Don’t wear double-breasted jackets as it grabs total attention from the shoulders to the bottom torso.

oval shape men double breasted jacket

5. Trapezoidal Shaped Body:

The waist is the narrowest point on an average man’s torso. The rib cage widens steadily up to the collarbone and shoulders, which are the broadest parts of the torso. This gives the body an overall trapezoidal shape with the shorter side at the bottom.


  • Stylistically, most colours and patterns should work just fine with your build.  Cuffs and pleats are up to personal taste.
  • Vertical stripes will make you appear a little taller. Checks and plaids add horizontal bulk, so pick which one you need based on your height.
  • Stick to a normal length (the tip should be right around your belt buckle) and a normal width (about 3 to 3 1/2). Short, skinny, fat, or otherwise oddly-sized ties throw off the balance of your torso.


  • The biggest no-nos are anything loose and saggy, and any outfits that are completely bland and generic-looking.

baggy clothes model


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