A Complete Guide To Testicle Massage & Its Benefits

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Many male adults are getting exhausted and frustrated as there are unsatisfied and bored with their daily life, physically and mentally which makes them feel uncomfortable in most situations.

testicle massage benefits

Now for this, they are many reasons. But if I say there’s one solution.

Don’t think I’m nuts now, I know this might be skeptical and this might be your first time listening to this but 95% of your semen and testosterone are produced by testicles.

Which influences your physical, emotional, and sexual life. This indeed is a fact and everybody knows it.

Testosterone is a male primary hormone and an anabolic steroid that plays a key role in bone and muscle mass, red blood cell production, and fertility.

This seems to increase the physical potential of athletes. Many female and male athletes found high performance by testosterone injections and pills helped many in their sexual life.

What if I say u can have it inexpensive, so natural, and more effective? which is “testicle massage“?

What is a Testicle Massage?

Testicles are vital organs that are forgotten in the spotlight, now if you are experiencing or noticing changes such as pain, swelling, or a lump in the area of the testicles it can be a symptom of a medical condition.

But a proper testicular function has good blood circulating over testicles promoting higher amounts of semen, harder erections, longer sex drive, and many more. And the best way you can activate that blood flow is by giving it a good massage.

Testicle massage is an ancient “Taoist practice” that was created to strengthen and recover after sex to avoid discomfort in that area.

Now according to tao masters massaging the scrotum is one of the most important steps for men to transform their sexual energy.

In this, while massaging make sure that you are pressing firmly but gently so that if there is a sensation of pain you can massage lighter. So that the blockage that causes pain can be dispersed and increase blood flow and energy.

Benefits of Testicle Massaging Regularly

  • Boosts fertility of sperm production.
  • Increases testosterone levels.
  • Hardens your erections.
  • Increases your sexual energy and masculine power.
  • Revives from pressure after sexual intercourse.
  • Reduces testicular inflammation and stagnation.

Things You Need for a Testicle Massage

  • Clean hand towel or soft cloth.
  • A bowl of warm water.
  • Oil (coconut, almond, etc…)

How To Do a Perfect Testicle Massage?

1. Warm-up

By warm-up, the entire scrotum skin is lost by increasing blood flow. For this, you have to soak the hand towel or cloth in warm water and wrap it around your balls. Or you can have a hot shower.

2. Oiling & Massaging

Apply oil on the entire surface of the scrotum including taint. After that massage the taint, inner thighs, and even penis.

3. Squeeze the scrotum and testicles

Stretch the left testicle with a right hand from the penis and gently massage it, repeat it on the other side as well. After holding the balls in one hand and squeezing the tight skin by rotating it.

4. Inbetween massage

Use the thumb and separate the testicles by which space is created. After that massage the skin slowly and gently.

5. Stretching

Pull down the testicle for about 15 seconds and then release it. Do it for 2 to 3 sets.

6. Taping on testicles

Tap on testicles for a minute or 2 with your index and middle finger gently and slowly, if you feel any pain stop for a while or tap lightly to avoid pain. Few tap with one hand while covering their testicles with another hand.

If in case you are with your partner.

You need to implement these techniques to increase libido and testosterone levels.

benefits of testicle massage


By communicating you get to know your partner’s taste, as few people purposefully seek out pain in their sex life and if the intent of touch, lick, grad, etc. of testicles. If it is communicated then it becomes a sexual testicle play.

Use different techniques

Using your hands in different sessions may add more joy to the task.

Having a clear talk with your partner can act as a great addition to penetrative, oral by gently pulling, carefully squeezing, stroking at a downward angle, rolling them like in hands, and tapping by rhythm.

At last, it all depends on your partner whether hard, light, or none.

If you are going through an oral, you can take the scrotum all over your mouth and build momentum according to his words. If licking you can individually go with a ball by speaking some exciting stuff.

Change in positions

Play can create dual sensation pleasure that’s similar to stimulating the clitoris, G- spot at the same time at folks with valves while having anal or vaginal penetrative sex with your partner.


It’s more pleasurable guys when you play the testicle and your partner. But it takes time to master this art. If you get it, you won’t forget it.

Increasing your testosterone level helps in better sleep, reduces weight, and increases muscle mass and sex drive.


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