Signs Of High Testosterone In Males & How Does it Effect?

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Aside from a Y-chromosome and the thing between his legs, an abundant supply of testosterone is one other blueprint feature that plays important role in the body.

In men, it’s thought to regulate sex drive (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm. As men age, they often make less testosterone, and so they produce less estradiol as well.

While testosterone is a hormone that both sexes produce, men have higher testosterone levels than women. It highlights his various masculine features that we’re all familiar with: higher muscle mass, larger bone structure, copious amounts of hair, etc.

What Happens If Testosterone Level Increases

Testosterone increases levels of growth hormone. That makes exercise more likely to build muscle. Testosterone increases bone density and tells the bone marrow to manufacture red blood cells. Dropping levels of testosterone can cause an increase in body fat.

Your doctor may consider your testosterone levels too high if

  • Total testosterone level is above 950 ng/dL
  • Free testosterone level is above 30 ng/dL

high testosterone risks

Signs Of High Testosterone:

Stronger and more pronounced jawline

Men with above-average testosterone levels have a squared and more pronounced jawline.

Wider facial area

Aside from the jawline, extra testosterone also results in a wider and bonier facial area with a wider face, sharp cheekbones, and a stronger chin.

Larger Adam’s apple and a deeper voice

The deepening of the voice is caused by developing muscle and cartilage of the laryngeal area.

Therefore, a guy with extra testosterone has well-developed vocal cord muscles as shown by a big Adam’s apple and a deep, baritone voice.

Higher bone density

Men with extra testosterone develop higher bone density, making their frame larger than other men. This can be noticed by measuring the back area.

Wider shoulders

If you notice a guy who has never stepped inside a gym but still has that “inverted triangle” upper body shape due to broad shoulders, his body produces higher amounts of testosterone than normal.

Lots of facial and body hair

The ability to grow a full beard alone is a sign of high testosterone levels.

Longer ring finger

A study found out that if a guy received a higher dose of testosterone while in the womb, his ring finger would be longer than the average guy. The ring finger of an average guy is usually shorter than the index finger so if the ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger, that guy is gifted with high testosterone levels even before he was born.

Increased strength

High testosterone means more muscle mass and more muscle mass means more strength.

Higher metabolic rate

Testosterone plays a large part in how your body uses and stocks energy. And since higher testosterone means that your metabolism is on overdrive, your body carries less fat and more muscle.

Increased libido or sex drive

Testosterone is a sex hormone. And the more of this a guy has, the more susceptible he is to his urges. Males with above-average testosterone have increased libidos, making them desire more sexual activity than the average guy.

In addition to this, they also get frequent, harder, and longer erections. The downside – while there are benefits from having too much testosterone, it also has inconvenient side effects.

Male pattern baldness

Guys with higher testosterone levels develop male pattern baldness at an earlier age than their normal peers which is quite ironic as the same chemical responsible for hair growth is also causing hair loss.

Aggressive behavior

Testosterone plays a major part in this male trait and having too much testosterone makes a man more aggressive than the average guy.

Confidence to the point of arrogance

Testosterone plays a major part in this male trait and having too much testosterone makes a man more aggressive than the average guy.

Risk-taking behavior and impulsiveness

A side effect of being extra aggressive and overconfident, guys with lots of testosterone in their bodies take more risks and become more impulsive than their average counterparts.

If they think they’re the strongest of them all and fight or bully their way into anything, they make pretty bad decisions without thinking of the consequences.


The higher testosterone levels may also lead to health-related problems like cancer, infertility and etc. So it is recommended to consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

In many males, the testosterone levels are altered due to testosterone supplements or steroids usage.

Having an optimal testosterone level is vital to maintain good health in males. If you are taking any supplements consult a doctor before you do so and If you are suffering from lower levels of testosterone and unable to maintain the libido.

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