90’s Fashion Comeback – Trends Inspired By Retro Grade

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Lately, the world has been evolving a lot in every platform be it technology, architecture, music, movies and many more. But the fashion has made its statement by bringing back its trendy outfits from the 80’s and ’90s.

Our generation as kids may have made fun of the way that the 90’s folks dressed.  But now if we observe teenagers and youngsters they style themselves with these retro garments.

Let’s look at few of the 90’s fashion stunning comebacks:

Turtle Neck and Square Neck:

  • Turtle neck is a high, close-fitting collar which is rolled down, usually seen on sweaters or knitted garments.
  • Square neckline forms square shaped frame along the collar bone. It’s wide and low. These necklines are seen on variety of womens dresses such as tops, t-shirts, wedding gowns, dresses, etc.

These necklines were worn from celebrities to common women back in 90’s. These necklines are now popular amongst young women.

green sweatshirt turtle neck wore by actress julia roberts.
Instagram/ @fasardi.official

Off Shoulders & Crop Top:

  • Off shoulders: shoulderless tops with a wide neckline which enhances neck and shoulder region of any woman.
  • Crop top: it is an upper body garment which is high and reveals waist and stomach areas.

These tops are worn on any casual day and be able to look chic. These trendy tops made a comeback from ’90s

princess diana in offshoulder gown
Instagram/ @vintroomclothing
crop top


Slip dress:

A dress with narrow straps on shoulders and which is extended from chest to knee length in a fashionable way.

Angelina jolie in a slip dress
Instagram/ @stylewithgen @fashioncoquettes


Sheer Dress:

These dresses are made up of sheer fabric (mesh/lace) which is semi-transparent. Sometimes also called illusion due to the see through element.

Sheer dress
Instagram/ @priyankachopra


Feather Dress:

It is fun to add up feathers to fashion. Feathers seem to be carefree, relax and catchy to look at. A feathered dress or skirt will give you a perfect look with your hair rolled up into a bun and also with heels. This look is perfect for any low-key/hi-fi parties.

Sarah jessica parker in a feathered dress

Dungarees & Bell Bottoms :

  • Dungarees: These are usually denim clothed outfit. These are also called overalls because they extend from ankle to chest and cover over shoulders with straps. These were basically used for protection during work. These were later modified by Levis Strauss and co/
  • Bell bottoms: Also called flares. These are trousers that become wider from knees to toes which form a bell figure.
Artist Selena gomez in flared dungaree
Instagram/ @kendalljenner @lil_bees_bohemian

Tiny Specs And Fanny Bags:

These accessories are a major come back from the ’90s. The specs and the bag may polish your outfit. These retro goodies are handy and fancy.

Instagram / @amybelievesinpink

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