5 Ways To FIX A Bad Haircut

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We all have been there, at some stage had gone through it in some part of there life. If you are 20 years old you would have faced many bad haircuts.

I personally had made many bad haircuts as you, now I am not. But bad haircuts are seen even by professional barbers or hairstylists to..which is a normal thing.

But fixing it is something different, so today I am going to share tips about how to fix a bad haircut.

Give It Time

I give it one or two weeks’ time to just let it grow out a bit and usually, it grows out the hairstyle that I wanted.

If not, you can somehow adjust it which is applicable to a slightly bad haircut. (Hair gels)

Use Backup Hairstyle

It’s always good to have a backup hairstyle as it helps in playing with your look and makes things hidden in a manageable way.

Manipulation By Products

Products would help to cover the bad haircut for a good amount of time.

For suppose you having long hair at one side and short at other or difference in texture then that can be manipulated by using products.

Have A Constructive Criticism

Go immediately to your barber again or communicate upfront by telling him specifically what is wrong to get it right, then and there which helps the barber to set it there itself.

Also, have the best haircut picture of your which serves as a reference to barber while styling.

Go Shorter

Buzz it off by making it shorter and make a new start over by selecting a new hairstyle.


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