10 Hairstyles To Not Look Dumb With Big Forehead

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10 picks of hairstyles for fivehead.

If you thinking of big forehead but it actually meant fivehead.

In the case of women it mostly from birth where they have longer forehead with eyebrows before there hairline and this not associated wid any hair loss, its just the proportions of overall face and forehead.

But in guys, it may be for two reasons that you might be born predominant or recession of hair as time moves, which is a natural thing to see.

Now I am going share hairstyles for people who are born with a larger forehead or five head who want to cover it or celebrate it showing it as your wish of interest.

1. Short Textured Fringe

Short Textured Fringe

2. Short Brushed Up Hair

Short Brushed Up Hair

3. Slicked Back Style

Slicked Back Style

4. Sticky Style Brush-up

Sticky Style Brush-up

4. Medium Long Slicked Back

Medium Long Slicked Back

5. Classic Cut

Classic Cut

7. Comb Over

Comb Over

8. Perfectionist’s Side Part

Perfectionist's Side Part

9. Mid Pompadour Taper

Mid Pompadour Taper

10. Military Cut

Military Cut

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