5 Tasty Foods That Help You Fight Stress & Relieve Anxiety

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Stress can have detrimental effects on the physical and mental health of people. Stress is a major contributor to anxiety and panic attacks. While some people can manage their stress levels throughout the day, some others need a little help.

So here are some foods which help relieve your stress and taste good at the same time !!


When you are under a lot of stress, eat bitter chocolate. Bitter chocolate reduces blood pressure, boosts the immune system and helps your body release serotonin, which increases happiness. So YAY!



The antioxidants in blueberries help fight the free radicals that are making you depressed and provide you relief during your anxious hours.



If you are struggling with depression, then consuming salmon can assist in dealing with its negative effects on your health. Cortisol hormone that gets released during increased stress levels can be managed through this.



There is nothing like a banana to calm your nerves and de-stress you. Start your day with a banana in case you have extra work pressure or loads of incomplete assignments.



When we are under stress, our bodies burn through vitamin C as they produce hormones like cortisol. This can leave us with a deficit that compromises mood and immunity. Which helps explain the connection between stress, illness, and even injury.


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