10 Amazing & Cool Summer Outfits To Beat The Heat

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Summer is here. It is a little difficult to stay and look cool at the same time because of the hot sunny days. Sometimes the fabric and material of the clothes irritate the skin and may cause us to look unpleasant sweat caused by it. Here are few tips to look cool as a cucumber and still slay the summer look.


  • Try wearing soft neutral colors like white, grey, beige and brown
  • Avoid dark colors
  • Wear fabrics like cotton, linen, denim or chambray (imitation of denim), rayon. These fabrics are breathable and absorb sweat and comfort. They do not stick to your skin and also absorbs moisture
  • People may avoid denim as it is heavier but it also absorbs heat just like cotton. But for your convenience, you may use Chambray the imitation of denim


As said above whites usually absorbs moisture and are recommended to wear in summer. Whites give you an elegant look while beating the summer heat.

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Shorts & Skirts:

Long and tight pants may compress the leg area and may not give sufficient air. Due to which the legs may sweat and you feel irritable and discomfort. If you’re going out for a casual date or just a day out take those shorts or skirts which are laying in your closet and pair em up with oversized t-shirts, crop tops, and t-shirts.

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Florals & Neutral Colors:

The colors make you feel light and do not absorb much heat. The floral print goes hand in hand with a bright sunny day.

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Be it summer or winter denim never seems to go out fashion. They are always comfortable no matter what the season is. Denim even absorbs heat also helps you to give a stylish look.

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