8 Simple Grooming Tips For Men To Look Handsome

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In these couple of years, there are many articles and grooming videos on the internet but none of them are for an average guy who deals with issues like acne, oily skin, scruffy hair.

Many think looking handsome as having good looks from birth which is not true!

Looking handsome means maintaining a clean look. Now in these fancy products or techniques involved just everyday things in order to look handsome and more than that is looking clean and tidy.

Follow these 8 essential grooming tips and be ready for any kind of occasion.


Fresh Haircuts:

haircut grooming tips

Haircuts affect your face structure but more importantly, they affect how scruffy you look. If you have got rough hair, which a lot of people have in general then it’s not a great idea to grow up your hair unless you have got silky smooth hair.

But if you want to go for neat and classy hair cut, go for short at sides and slightly longer at the top with different ratios.

Now nobody has the time or money to spend every week on haircuts, So you should learn how to extend the life of each haircut.

  • This is done by trimming your hair beneath the neck.
  • Next is cleaning your sideburns with a trimmer if you have short hair.    

Proper Oral Care:

grooming brushing tips

Take your oral hygiene to the next level. Now brushing your teeth two times a day is the least you can do.

If you want to have a clean neat set of teeth then use an electric toothbrush.

Facial Hair:

Jawline facial hair grooming tips

It’s very important to know and play with facial hair, which many young people do wrong.

There are three ways to take care of it.

  • Growing FULL beard.     
  • Styling your beard by goatee or soul patch whichever suits your hairstyle and face shape.        

Going for a clean shave look but, having a mustache especially if you are a young guy which makes you look like a child molester. Mustaches are very historic.

Secondary Facial Hair:

secondary hair grooming tips

Now many people forget about there secondary facial hair which a lot of people notice.

The hair on ears & nose can be trimmed with a precision trimmer.

Finally, groom your eyebrows with a pair of tweezers. Because a unibrow can ruin your game in a handsome world

Basic Skincare:

grooming tips skincare

You see many people with dull and oily skin which makes them look sleepy.

If you don’t want to look the same and look fresh, then your first weapon is basic face wash for men which helps in removing oil from the face by which pimples are reduced.

Remember if you are a guy into fitness then you are more prone to acne.

By washing it after and before sleep can bring a great change in the face by reducing acne and pimples.

Bonus Tip

When you are attending a party or any important meeting and wanted to look more attractive.

This goes in a simple way, which come after basic skincare.

First, apply a men’s moisturizer on the face which suits your skin and gently massage it. If you apply more moisturizer it blocks your skin pores by which accumulation of oil on the skin is seen.

So be gentle with it.

Secondly, applying baby powder on the skin which has less pore size than talcum powder. If you find over glow in the face then gently wipe it with a wet cloth to have a natural charm on your face.

Treating Dark Circles:

dark circles grooming tips

There are few ways helping that which include eye creams, applying morning and night would help reducing dark circles.

But it includes two more things

  1. Sleep well which is a necessity to boost up energy even though if you think it is a waste of time.
  2. Next to keeping your body hydrated because when you get dehydrated your face gets totally dull especially the surroundings around your eyes.

Hands And Feet:

nails grooming tips

Now being handsome means being clean and tidy. And people gauge cleanliness mainly women, by looking at your hands and feet.

So what do you gonna do as your kindergarten school teacher told you to cut your nails?

And if you are the one who goes to the gym and has calluses on hands, then few might not like it. So what to do is put some moisturizer on hands and rub it which cures calluses. 

Killing Odors:

odor grooming tips

Usually, people associate with you by the way you smell primarily women in this case. So the first encounters, you should smell good.

We all know we apply fragrances during the day but if you want extra protection.

Apply an Antiperspirant Roll-on before going to sleep at night.

This is so effective and helps in blocking the bad smell by going deep into the skin and doesn’t get off the next morning even after a shower.

These simple tips can help you go from an ordinary guy to an attractive handsome hunk.


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