How To Wear A Polo Shirt

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A POLO shirt, a men’s style statement and a business casual essential in summers to look sharp with layers of outfit becomes tough and uncomfortable due to the heat of summer.

Here comes the application of POLO to turn problems around, as its a perfect balance between formal and casual wear which helps to look sharp in hot summer with ease and cozy feel.

POLO shirts are versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn for a beach on shorts, chinos or without blazer to move quickly to work or a date which indeed shows you simple and make confident from inside.

To feel comfortable you just need few POLO shirts with different patterns and colors and wear them however you want to look sharp and stay comfortable in the summers.

We recommend having 3 polo shirts (one white, one black and one navy) however depending on your style you can pick any color or pattern you like.

The Fit Of A POLO:

In any case of dressing, fitting takes a major lead in styling. In polo fitting is most important, No excuses in that to look sharp and bright.

Here are few rules for a perfect POLO shirt:

white polo
  • The sleeves of your polo shirt should end at the mid-bicep level.
  • Your neck should not look too skinny, and the neck opening of your polo shirt should not be too wide or too tight. It should be comfortable but also wraps nicely around your neck.
  • The length of your polo shirt should not cross the halfway down your pants fly.
  • It should not be too tight from the sleeves of the chest. You are supposed to feel comfortable.

If you are someone with a beer belly then never buy a slim fit polo shirt, it will highlight all the wrong parts of your body. Opt for a comfort fit.

The Fabric Of Your Polo Shirt

POLO is chosen for comfort, so fabric also plays an important and equal role in keeping you comfortable. You should opt for a fabric that’s light and breathable.

There are many different types of shirt fabrics you can pick from. Most popular polo shirt fabrics are linen, pure cotton, blended cotton, polyester, and silk.

For summers, we recommend you pick either pure cotton, Supima cotton or linen. These are the most comfortable types of fabric, especially in the summers. These are airy, breathable and feels good on the skin.

Following fabrics, you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Polyester, they look very cheap.
  2. Blended, mostly used for uniforms
  3. Silk, because it bleeds color and when it gets hot and wet.

How To Wear POLO On Different Events.

1. On Shorts

how to wear polo with shorts

 2. On Sports

how to wear polo with sports

3. Casuals 

how to wear polo shirt with casuals

4. Suit It Up

how to wear polo shirt with suits

5. All White

how to wear polo shirt on all whites

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