How To Avoid Freckles And Tanning

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Freckles are the small brownish or reddish pigmentation spot on the surface of the skin which may be overlapped or been seen singularly.

These are much noticeable on fair people. These are often brought by sun and tanning. Now as we are talking about tanning, it is healthy and good for us, but being comprehensive and complete in a sense of interest to avoid the tanning, let’s talk about what we need to take care of?

Many people love to be in their natural skin tone which they feel as the pride of beauty and basically, the phrase tanning is adopted by Americans.

Usually standing out for 15 minutes in the sun may develop suntan which we try to avoid by hats, wear sunglasses and clothes that shield the skin.

beach tan

Even though tanning and freckles are not avoided.

freckles skin

tanned skin

How to Avoid Freckles & Tanning

Applying sunscreen:

If you are going out for a tan on the beach or work out and don’t want suntan or freckles after a certain amount of time applies sunscreen of at least UV protection of SPF 50. Check the SPF number on the bottles of sunscreens, the more the numbers the less the suntan and freckles.

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Recommended Sunscreens:

Taking Breaks While Tanning:

Sitting in a shelter for 15-20 minutes or less in heavy suns may help the sensitive skin to not burn and reduces the freckles and tan. People of white skin with black hair are easily tanned and those of grey hair get freckles easily.

beach sun shade

Rest When The Sun Is Strong:

Try to be organized by scheduling during the time the sun is heavy on us. Usually, in the morning and afternoons, the sun gets heavy and stronger between the times of 10 am-5 pm more in summers. More the sun more the freckles and tan. 


Be Far From Tanning Beds:

Avoid tanning bed as much as possible and if the decision is made to be cautious. As the tanning lamps and beds at the salon are powerful, make sure that it follows the regulations avoiding skin burns, skin cancer, and maintain the recommended amount of exposure with sunscreen to not get tanned and multiple freckles.

tanning beds


There’s nothing great than tomatoes with the skin, This is the best natural remedies to avoid the tan. Just make it juice and apply it to the body where it should not be tanned. This should be applied frequently for better results. This can also be tried with lemon, sugar, etc..

tomato tanning


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